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June 04, 2024

Livestock Module: Innovative solutions for animal farming

Initially, AgroVIR’s main focus was on revolutionizing the data management of arable farmers, soon it conquered the sector and has become the leading farm management software. However, in agriculture, crop production and livestock farming are closely linked together. As livestock farmers face difficult administrative processes that become unmanageable without adequate digitalization, our colleagues felt the need to create an animal husbandry module, focusing on cattle breeding to offer solutions for them. They formed a whole integrated system that embraces all operations on a farm. This makes AgroVIR’s animal husbandry module stand out, and not just one of many farm management software.

Digitalization in cattle farming

Livestock farming has embraced digitalization for some time, unlike crop production, which faces less administrative pressure due to its seasonality. It requires daily logging of production and events to make long-term evaluation possible. Consider daily activities like milking or tracking the weight gain of individual animals or treatments which are crucial metrics that determine our effectiveness. Usually, there is one employee who is responsible for gathering all the data and entering it into different software a couple of days later. This methodology causes inaccuracies and time for mistakes resulting in financial loss. Using AgroVIR ensures that no animal is lost simply because of administrative shortcomings or inaccuracies, preventing unnecessary losses and improving operational efficiency.

Software already in use

The agricultural sector has long dealt with administrative burdens and encounters complex workflows at livestock farms. As a result, most farms and companies utilize various software solutions daily, each one focusing mainly on one specific task such as feed management, milk production, or overall management. These systems are often not connected, or the data sharing is complicated between them. Not to mention that they are not integrated with financial metrics, accounting, or inventory management.

AgroVIR is continually enhancing its range of compatible systems for automatic and mutual data exchange. The goal is to simplify administrative tasks so that it’s not necessary to upload data to different sheets and software. You could reach and complete all interventions from the same software, AgroVIR.

With just a few clicks, AgroVIR allows for the extraction of essential documents required by official bodies, simplifying compliance reporting. Besides that, all external data such as laboratory results can be imported just as quickly.

Managing Diverse Farming Operations

An increasing number of farmers are diversifying their production, for example, breeding dairy and beef cattle simultaneously. As they do so they establish multiple companies for these different activities. These complex farming setups significantly complicate daily administration and transparency.

AgroVIR creates a solution for owners and directors working with multiple legal entities that require a single, integrated platform for managing productivity and performance metrics. It eliminates the need to toggle between multiple software systems and Excel spreadsheets to understand the financial results of each segment.

System-Wide Evaluation and Decision-Making

Tracking each stage of your agricultural pathway system allows you to evaluate each step in the supply chain, from crop production to sales. This visibility provides a clear perspective on potential areas for improvement, including profitability, influencing factors, and the development of corporate strategies.

You could analyze the decisions made in the crop production sector, which have a great impact on the production of the livestock sector. For example, a late harvest can result in poor-quality feed and therefore reduced milk production or weight gain. By using AgroVIR, we can trace the origin of the problem and improve our operations and future decisions.

Streamlined Operations and Stock Management

Every change made in the farm happens in AgroVIR also. During processes like slaughterhouse transfers or sales, documentation and inventory movement can be expedited with just a few clicks using the system, significantly saving time. The re-classification of an animal or a group appears automatically also as a change in stock and finances.

AgroVIR accounts for every individual animal on the farm as stock and tracks all associated costs from the moment the calf was born such as individual feed consumption, treatments, and fertilisations. During processes like slaughterhouse transfers or sales, documentation and inventory movement can be expedited with just a few clicks using the system, significantly saving time. for example in the classification of an animal or a group, it appears automatically also as a change in stock and finances.

The system accounts for every individual animal on the farm as stock. It helps to track all associated costs of the animal such as individual feed consumption, treatments, and fertilization. This information allows us to judge animal performance objectively and provides a good basis for further selection and decisions.

Conclusion: Enhancing Farm Efficiency Through AgroVIR

AgroVIR's Livestock module revolutionises livestock farming by integrating all operations into a single platform, simplifying administrative tasks and improving data accuracy. This system streamlines diverse farming operations, ensuring seamless data exchange and comprehensive management of productivity and performance metrics. By tracking every stage of agricultural processes, AgroVIR enables better decision-making and operational efficiency, ultimately improving profitability and sustainability for farmers.