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March 09, 2024

One of the biggest farms in Bulgaria is implementing AgroVIR Global!

We are thrilled to share an update on our latest project with one of the biggest Bulgarian agricultural firms, Kristera Agro, which is part of Agria Group Holding.

Agria Group Holding JSC is a public company operating in North-Eastern Bulgaria. The Group consists of a number of companies specializing in agricultural production, trade in grain and oil-bearing crops, storage, processing, transportation and logistics, and renewable energy.

With this achievement, two of the TOP 5 Bulgarian agricultural companies are now using AgroVIR as their farm management software.

Last week marked the beginning of a significant journey towards digital transformation for Kristera Agro. Our team traveled to their headquarters in Varna to start the on-site implementation of our farm management software.

Our initial step in this journey involved a comprehensive assessment of the farms and operations under Kristera Agro. This crucial phase allowed us to understand their unique processes and devise a strategy to standardize and align their operations with the advanced capabilities offered by AgroVIR.

By establishing a dedicated AgroVIR domain, we have successfully imported all essential master data into the system. This includes detailed information on fields, machinery, warehouses, and workforce, laying a solid foundation for a seamless transition to advanced agricultural management.

Last week, we embarked on another critical phase: employee training. Understanding the importance of the human element in technological adoption, we initiated comprehensive training sessions for Kristera's employees. These sessions are designed to ensure that the team is well-equipped and confident in utilizing AgroVIR for daily operations, maximizing the benefits of our software.

As we move forward, the next milestone in our collaboration is the full-scale application of AgroVIR in their daily operations. This includes direct connections to machinery and scales to provide automatic data recording.

We are proud to partner with Kristera Agro on this journey towards agricultural excellence and look forward to the positive impact our collaboration will bring to their operations.